Saturday, January 24, 2015

Your Turn Challenge Results

I don't expect this post to be especially valuable. I'm mostly writing it because I took on the 7-day Your Turn Challenge in my own modified way, and today would be my day to finish it. Feel free to skip this over, as that would probably be a good demonstration of what I'm about to describe learning to do.

A week ago today, I was up super early in the morning. I had a little too much time on my hands. Upon discovering how much I found it useful to get certain feeds on a weekly basis, I multiplied how many things I got on a weekly basis. Technology lowers our minimum required value threshold.

This week I also started working with a company in sales. Telling them what I knew about sales helped convince them to bring me on board. Normal work time for them is afternoons and evenings on weekdays, and Saturdays.

Mornings make for the best writing time for me. Today my morning and early afternoon went to sales canvassing. The rest of my day has gone to catching up on (1) news and (2) emails—both simply for the purpose of collecting things to read. No, this did not make for an afternoon of reading, but simply collecting things I found interesting to read. After having only read a few things as I was going, I now have 89 things in my Pocket list to read. Neither the collection nor the reading thereof really constitute much of an accomplishment. This is probably little more than a demonstration of how susceptible I am to even mildly higher forms of clickbait.

It was a full news week. SOTU, March for Life, Virginia General Assembly meetings, just to name a few, and every big event also spins off a lot of other nuance stories. I have thoughts on how to keep up with events in a better way, and I find that even moving in that direction with any regularity is a challenge. Ultimately I hope to be one who generates content and may facilitate that for others as well. I don't see keeping up the Your Turn Challenge after this, at least on a daily nature. Weekly may work better. Nonetheless, the bills must be paid, and that pushes projects into the margins. Sometimes the margins are consumed just with planning. At any rate, I'm out of margin for today. See you next time, Lord willing.

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