Sunday, August 26, 2018

Awana Clubs start soon

Today was our annual Awana Clubs leader meeting. By way of background, I'm the ministry leader for our club.

One of our directors told me he was encouraged to see significantly more people here than last year. Amen to that! We are also looking at an opportunity to significantly grow the club with a sister congregation and their children and families.

Things are in good shape, and I'm encouraged. Please pray for our club for the Lord to do much through His Word and us with these young people and their families, in Jesus' name.

I could actually write a lot about Awana, and start another blog about my experience in leading Awana. Perhaps, This would not be a daily blog as per my commitment on this blog; probably more weekly or at least monthly—not daily.

What it would not be:
  • General public information for the club, announcements, etc.
  • Advice on how to run a club.
It would be about our experience with:
  • what works, 
  • what doesn't, 
  • what we're thinking of trying, 
  • things we're celebrating, etc. 
It would be some inside baseball on how things are going without disclosing too much, and would be more than what people would want who are just looking for general announcements.

Would that be of interest?

If so, should I use Blogger or Wordpress?

Should I post more about Awana Clubs here? If I write a lot on an Awana blog, I expect I'd post a weekly summary here.

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