Friday, September 7, 2018

How to search efficiently

When I search on a shopping Web site, I usually don't find the vendor's sort by “relevance” to be all that helpful. I mainly want what I'm search for at the best quality for the lowest price.

If you know how to parse a URL, there's an easy way to do this. Here's an example for Chrome.

Go to search engine settings:
Then add a “” search engine, pick a shortcut (I use “wm”), and then put this in as the URL:
Then in your address bar type “wm”, a space, and your search.

It will now search for your product sorting by lowest price first, and only showing products rated with at least 4 stars.

I've been pleasantly surprised more than once to find actually relevant results on my first try by using this search method/url.

I would do this for, but their URL structure only allows pre-setting the low price sort, not the star rating. Here's my “a” search URL for Amazon:
The %s is where your search gets put in.

While doesn't have as many reviews as Amazon does, it also has a lot less search result spam (super-cheap irrelevant products using the same keywords).

To add an address bar search engine in Firefox, just make a bookmark, and add the relevant fields. It's not a fancy search engine in the special search box, but it works.

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