Sunday, September 2, 2018

Labor Day Sunday

After graduating from college and settling into the workplace, I think every 20-something at some point faces the disappointing reality that work does not live up to everything for which they had prepared.

There are various ways of dealing with this disappointment, and as people discover a little free time in their lives, they do things like read books to affordably continue their personal development. Oftentimes this means there comes a book that answers a lot of their questions or addresses their frustrations.

For me, this book was Joy at Work by Dennis Bakke. One of the first things he talks about in their is the purpose of business. It's not just to make money, but to provide a useful service to society.

I've found that many organizations are not clear on their purpose, or their current leadership is not. I think in the past I've tried to hard to correct what was not mine to correct and ended up doing more harm than good to the relationship. Sometimes it's better to find a different organization instead that is clearer on its purpose or the value of the role I can fill in it.

As this is Labor Day weekend, I was thinking about this again as one of the more memorable Labor Day Sunday messages I heard was by Bakke on this topic. When I first read his book in 2005, I remember how much it got and kept me thinking for at least a month. It didn't have a fairy tale ending, but it did tell the story of a life and workplace lived consistently on principle.

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