Friday, November 9, 2018

Handwriting Analysis

The first time I encountered someone who knew about handwriting analysis, I was very dismissive. One of my professional coworkers had some kind of experience or training with the subject and after only a few examples of the specifics one can infer from a person's handwriting, I found its claims to be overly detailed in the extreme, and she made no further attempts to be informative on the subject. I still owe her an apology, though I don't remember her name.

The second time I encountered expertise on the subject was from someone who I knew to be highly credentialed, intelligent, and thoroughly knowledgeable on a whole range of subjects including many beyond his specific area of advanced education. I was very receptive to what he had to say. Learning about the range of knowledge one can glean from a person's handwriting far exceeded my expectations.

How one writes can reveal a lot about a person. Any kind of relationship of writing on the page can correspond to relationships a person has in life. This can include the…
  • size of the letters
  • size of different parts of letters and the ratios between those sizes
  • directional angle of the letters and their parts (backwards indicates longing for the past; forward, for the future)
  • spacing between the letters within a word
  • spacing between words
  • vertical spacing of the lines of words
  • how much margin on a pages one uses or leaves

I'm not sure if it was how the topic came up in both conversations, but signature handwriting analysis is also significant.

Your signature indicates how you want others to see you.

Your handwriting indicates who you are.

I find President Obama's signature to be very interesting. As he is someone with a white parent and a black parent, and who adheres to a political philosophy that tries to split the difference between two opposite ideas, I don't think it's an accident that his “b” in “Obama” splits right down the middle of the “O” in his name.

Where things can get really interesting is with the medical implications of handwriting analysis. If one is writing with a precise enough instrument, like a ballpoint pen, then there can be more to study in handwriting. Any kind of marker pen would be too imprecise and these indicators would be lost.

When writing there are these little extra indentations that can happen while one is writing that are entirely unconscious, but amazingly can be consistent indicators of one's physical health. Basically, from top-to-bottom and left-to-right of a person's written letter can correspond to top-to-bottom and left-to-right of a person's body. If these indentations show up, one may have a physical problem that needs addressing.

Kurt Wise told me a fascinating story of his mentor, handwriting, and cancer. Stephen Jay Gould was diagnosed with a form of abdominal cancer. It was detected early. Some time later, someone familiar with handwriting analysis came across some of Gould's handwriting from about 6 months before he was diagnosed with that cancer. That person was extremely urgent in saying something like, “This person needs medical attention immediately,” and they were indicating the problem would be in the center region of the body. The medical indicators from handwriting analysis were already very strong a half year before the medical sciences detected his problems early.

Wikipedia currently describes handwriting analysis as a “pseudoscience” and makes no mention of any possible medical implications from the study. As with other kinds of personality tests, I think they may be interestingly informative, and should be kept to that. I don't think it's helpful to draw conclusions or make predictions about a person, especially about things like work performance, without letting a person's words and actions speak for themselves. Nonetheless, it doesn't hurt to get a check-up if some strange marks start appearing in one's handwriting in a consistent place.

The only record we have of Jesus writing was in the sand, so we don't have a record of it, but it would have been interesting to look at the shapes of his letters, their spacing, and other facets of his writing. For those who know Him, maybe someday in heaven we'll get to see how He writes.

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