Friday, February 22, 2019

Mourning the Celebrations in New York

Last week members of the House dedicated an hour of floor time to discussing the urgent need for legislation to prohibit infanticide.

Three moments stood out to me from this discussion:

1. Mrs. Hartzler (MO-4):

A lot of people are unfamiliar of how a late-term abortion is done and what these individuals in New York were celebrating. It is graphic, but people need to know what happens.

The woman's uterus is dilated, and forceps are put in there, and a limb of the baby, in the womb, is grabbed hold of. Steel forceps grab hold. They find a leg or they find an arm. They clamp down, and they pull and they pull until it rips off, and they pull out the leg and they put it in the tray.

And they go in again and they find the other leg. They pull and they rip it off and pull it out.

And then they go in for the arm, and then they pull that out. They pull out the other arm. And then they go in and crush the skull and suck it out.

2. Mr. Marshall (KS-1):

I wanted to talk a second about the moms, too. No one is talking about how horrible this is going to be for mothers. Moms are going to die from these late-term abortions. As an obstetrician, I never did an abortion, but guess who takes care of complications from abortions. It is obstetricians.

I remember the first week I was in residency. I was called to the emergency room, and there before me was a lady in shock. I apologize if this is too graphic, but the situation is so graphic, I have to tell you the details.

This young lady was bleeding out buckets of blood. I found out what had happened is she just had had an abortion done hours before, and now she was hemorrhaging.

I looked at the nurse. I said: What is going on here?

I knew that we needed to take her to the operating room. We found out during the procedure that a piece of that baby was still inside her uterus, and the uterus couldn't clamp down, so she was hemorrhaging.

This is a story I would see over and over again. The later the abortion procedure is done in the pregnancy, the more often we are going to see this. People are going to get perforated uteri. It will be catastrophic for women.

Mr. Speaker, we can't allow this to continue.

3. Mr. Burchet (TN-4):

I close with a little story. Before my mama left this Earth to meet her savior, she was in and out of consciousness, Mr. Speaker. At one point, she had talked to her father, who had passed away long before her, and her brother, who had passed away in the Second World War, and my daddy, who had gone before her just a couple years prior.

She was looking off into the corner, and I said: What are you looking at, mama?

She said: Baby, I am looking at all those sweet little babies up there.

Mr. Speaker, I firmly believe that my mother was looking at some babies that had been murdered.

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