Friday, March 8, 2019

Not So Decaf

A few weeks back I had a conversation with an elderly relative who told me I “should” drink coffee as it extends lifespans. I told her I have never been a coffee drinker as I didn't want to be hooked on the caffeine.

Nonetheless, the conversation got me thinking and taking another look at the coffee machine my building provides. After exploring several options and translating the Italian, I became a regular drinker of the decaf latte, sometimes multiple times in a day. The amount of cream it has is like getting a daily glass of milk included in my rent. No caffeine, no potential headaches, right?

Today I realized I had forgotten my coffee mug in my car last night, and I wasn't parked nearby, so no decaf coffee this morning. And then I got a headache. Maybe it was just related to the low pressure weather forecast for today. Or not. Turns out even decaf coffee has caffeine. Time to get unhooked.

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