Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Two Ways to Save Money

(1) Sometimes we can spend more time than we think it's worth trying to save a few dollars or even less on an item. (2) On the other hand, sometimes that search leads us to other longer-term ways to save money by leading us to a cheaper source.

Take books, for instance. “Of making many books there is no end” (Ecclesiastes 12:12). This is true, and it feels like it also holds true for subsets of books like Kindle books, Kindle samples, free books, Gutenberg books, and Christian Classics.

In theory, 2 GB of space on a Kindle is a limit, but relative to text, it would  take a long long time to read that much text. In terms of hours in a day one could spend reading, it might as well have no end. And even if it did, it spawns no end of more possible reading.

What's fascinating about a Kindle is you can add all kinds of books on it, and the mass of the device doesn't change at all. You're not actually adding anything. You're just flipping a lot of memory switches.

A 2 GB Kindle can hold 15.63 million Kindle text locations (of 128 bytes each). To put that in perspective…

The Authorized King James Bible has 40,557 Kindle Locations.
The Complete Works of Shakespeare has 50,129.
The Complete Works of Mark Twain has 108,570.
The ESV Bible has 260,105.

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