Friday, March 1, 2019

Google Sheets, the Google Reader of 2019

Google killed off Google Reader a long time ago, but one can get something even more useful than Reader today.

IFTTT can be used to send RSS feed content to a Google Sheet. This has several advantages over Reader.

1. Headlines can be color-coded with conditional formatting according to text they contain, or even at the beginning.

2. A separate cell can be used for HTML code for easy copying of the headline in a different format for use in a blog.

3. It's easy to code-and-sort headlines or drag-and-drop to change their order.

4. Sorting by source afterwards is also using for tracking activity levels and efficiency.

If I have source feeds that are too high on content and too low on value even for only certain key words, I can add words to the phrase which it only matches exactly, and that can quickly rein how much of sources' content I see.

It's quite useful. Hopefully next week I don't have 250 headlines on which to decide and sort.

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