Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The Number One Job in America

“Driver” is the number one job in America. And it is currently the number one job in thirty-seven of the fifty states. People serve their neighbors as UPS deliverers, cabbies, big-rig operators, school bus drivers, pizza delivery guys, and on and on.
Source: Them by Senator Ben Sasse

If you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. In an economy, ultimately everyone is moving something around. Some argue that the first form of this moving is transformation (like turning a tree into a rocking chair or paper).

Another way of subdividing the types of movement in an economy would be production and distribution.

It is distribution that cements driver as a top job. In terms of materials, rail is most useful for raw primary materials, textiles, coal for energy, etc.

Once materials have been transformed into something more useful, their destinations also become more specialized. Roads are the most specialized of all man-made modes of transportation, and drivers are the ones to get things across the roads to their final destination.

It's a bit ironic that one of the most common and least specialized jobs is used for the most specialized form of distribution.

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