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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

2 things have made price matching very consumer-friendly

1. Store's providing WiFi for customers facilitates their customers saving money off their own prices.

2. Competitor apps that can scan UPC bar codes on the physical products in the store make it super easy to find a competitor price on exactly the same product. Even better is one can choose between the competitor's online price and in-store price for the most savings.

Yesterday I was shopping at Target for an item. Using Target's own WiFi I opened the Walmart app and scanned the bar code of that item for Walmart's price. They also had tabs at the top to compare their online and in-store prices.

At the self-checkout counter, I simply asked the attending employee for a price match. He verified the product and price, went into his store login screen, changed the price, identified the competitor as Walmart, and I walked out with more than an extra dollar in my pocket.

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