Friday, April 5, 2019

Monday morning and Friday evening questions

Senator Sasse shares a poignant story from his political rival:
My colleague Chuck Schumer, with whom I wrestle on just about everything in our day jobs, puts this idea beautifully in the dozens of commencement speeches he gives each spring. He tells graduates entering the work world that, while their new diplomas are lovely, their happiness will depend largely on whether they can answer what he calls the “Monday morning and Friday evening questions”:

On Friday evening, are there family and friends waiting for you to show up—people with whom you’ve shared many years and meaningful experiences who yearn to spend time with you?

And on Monday morning, do you have important work to do? This isn’t about whether you make lots of money, but rather: Is there something important that a neighbor needs me to do?
He includes an encouraging story:
Getting right to the point, Arthur asked Rick if he was happy. The ex-convict enthusiastically dug into his pocket, pulled out an iPhone, and showed Brooks a recent email from his boss. He excitedly told Brooks about an urgent bedbug outbreak: “They needed someone desperately. Right now,” he explained. “They called me. I’ve become a go-to guy for the company. I am needed. I have a purpose. Do you understand?” He beamed: “These people need me. I’ve never had that.”
Source: Them by Senator Ben Sasse

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