Thursday, May 30, 2019

What child care can teach education

The Proverbs 31 Woman and the 1950s Woman are not mirror images of one another. In the classic presentation of the 1950s, the woman was the housewife and the husband was the breadwinner. The Proverbs 31 Woman is active in the home and in the marketplace.

In post-World War II America, women have become well-established in the marketplace. This trend has continued to the point that outsourcing part of early childhood parenting has not only become a viable business opportunity, but is now a growth industry.

With the President's daughter talking about the child care issue, Republicans are raising the issue and looking at ways to address the issue from a policy standpoint while still adhering to conservative principles. Whatever happens in Congress, demand shows no signs of slowing down or abating any time soon.

The market demand for child care during working hours is not without impact from the effects of damaging stress on family and marital relationships, or the stress of balancing family and career. Many find it psychologically easier to manage if dropping young children off during working hours is thought of as for “school.”

An interesting facet of private early childhood education is the relationships established with families does not necessarily cease once children enter their compulsory education. Many parents want their children to succeed, and if they can afford it are happy to do what they can to give their children a leg up in life.

Often supplemental education is thought of as tutoring for those children who have fallen behind or who have difficulty keeping up. That market is well established. There's also a market for those students who have little difficulty keeping up, and may even want to achieve faster than the school system can accommodate. Competition and fun are highly effective ways to provide for the needs of both groups of students, and those techniques also help overcome negative peer response.

There is a long history of competition making education more enjoyable. As seen in everything from Awana Clubs, founded in 1950, to Kahoots and other colorful apps today, there is much to be appreciated about spurring one another on toward a prize.

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