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Monday, May 20, 2019

How do you measure success?

Do you measure success by…

• how much money you make?

• how content you are?

• how effectively you can do things?

• how strong/brilliant/beautiful you are?

• how strong/brilliant/beautiful your spouse is?

• how many kids you have?

• how much your kids have achieved?

• how big your home is?

• how much money you have?

• how many languages you speak?

• how many places you have been?

• how high you can climb?

• how far you have come?

• how far you have left to go?

• how much you're like other people?

• how much you're not like other people?

• how many people say they like you?

• how many people praise you before others?

• how much you leave behind?

• how close you are to fulfilling your purpose?

• how much you love and please God?

• how much God loves you?

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