Wednesday, May 29, 2019

One third complete

Today, I'm 15,333 days old, and that means I'm one third of the way through 1,000 days of writing.

I've found that this commitment has pushed me from social media, back to blogging. Twitter is still a useful outlet, and sometimes my writing here doesn't merit more than a Tweet. Nonetheless, it's useful in this format, too. One thing that you can do on blogging that you can't on social media is add hyperlinks to text. Yes, social media obviously handles links, but not directly from text of my choosing.

One of the bigger changes of late that has changed how I share content from other sites is Buffer's decision to shut down it's email-to-Tweet feature. I used to use that a lot, and now I don't have a reason to use Buffer anymore. Instead, I've found myself emailing content directly here on Blogger, and then IFTTT picks up the rest for Twitter.

Last June, when I first considered this idea to write for 1,000 days, one of my reasons was that I had a lot of ideas saved up, and this would be an outlet for that. It hasn't quite worked out that way. A lot of the content I had saved for writing was about news that had already come and was long gone. Many of the writing ideas I had saved simply went into the Trello archive.

Writing for a daily habit means there's less time for investment in longer form writing. I still want to do more of that. We'll see what the summer brings, Lord willing.

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