Thursday, June 20, 2019

Begin Teaching Doctrine Early

I know that some people will say that such doctrine is too deep for boys and girls. Paul Rader had an educator visit the Tabernacle, offering her the opportunity to survey our boys' work and give her opinion of the way we worked with the boys.

Her report was something like this, “Well, you certainly do a lot of things wrong. I observed a boy sixteen years old teaching some twelve-year-old boys. He was actually teaching them doctrine. At their age, they should be told stories. And yet,” she mused, “the boys were giving perfect attention and seemed interested. That I couldn’t understand.”

The sad truth is this — unless boys and girls are taught doctrine at an early age, they will never learn what truth is. That is why it is impossible to spend too much time teaching young folks the basic truths of the Bible. If the foundation is well laid, the work will abide.

Both Art Rorheim and I believe in encouraging saved boys and girls as young as fifteen years old to hold classes and teach younger folks the Word of God. Again, if they do not begin early to give out God's Word, the chances are that they never will.
Source: Breese, DaveLance, A Testament of Grace, 1978. pp. 208-209.

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