Thursday, July 25, 2019

Ready for self-programming AI

A lot of people are worried about the coming AI apocalypse, and I am not among them.

Supposedly AI threatens jobs everywhere. Among the most meta of these threatened professions is programming itself. Woe to those with high-paying jobs that machines can do themselves, right?

Here's the thing: There's already a lot of programming not being done.

Take for instance, this platform. Google has a “Send feedback” button at the bottom right of the Blogger editor screen, and the user interface hasn't changed in years. An entirely new simplified publishing mark-up language has arisen since Blogger first entered the scene, and Blogger remains completely oblivious.

That's but one example of many.

Considering the amount of programming not being done today, I would have no objection to software that can improve itself.

That understood, it's not as if I think there will be a day when software can do something like add markdown support to Blogger. Maybe there will be a module of some kind that would make it easier to add, but not that AI would ever understand Blogger as it is now, and then specifically add markdown support to it. That's a human job.

Where AI could enhance the blogging platform field is in looking at what users do and how they do them, and then using it's pattern-matching strengths to facilitate getting those things done faster and with less work.

Gmail's text auto-complete feature is an example of this. Adding this feature to other Google products that involve writing would be a useful next step.


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