Sunday, August 4, 2019

400 Days

I'm 40% of the way toward my goal of 1,000 days of writing.

Yesterday I took a look at my more frequently-used tags for posts. The more commonly-used ones can also be matched to my six-word pattern I wrote about last year.

1 — Biblecreation, purpose, life

2 — Booksleadership

3 — Value, businesswork, productivity, granularity, time

4 — Home, family, relationships, education, gratitude, health

5 — Freedom (both eternal and earthly)

• Eternal: Evangelism, Gospel, Jesus, missions

• Earthly: Principles, government, Congress, politics, patriotism

6 — Future-shaping: Technology, innovation, AINASA, space, science

Alternate categorizing:

Knowing: Biblebookseducationscience

Doing: Productivitytimeleadershipinnovationtechnology

Defending: Evangelismrelationshipsfreedom

Things I have not figured out yet:

The best way to save writing ideas.
• I started to exclusively use Blogger's email-to-blog feature for saving drafts. This is useful for you know when in the future you want to post about something. This is not useful for when you don't know when you want to post about something because Blogger insists on every post having a date and time anyway. Those drafts in the past can get messy and confusing in a hurry.
• I moved all of my undated writing ideas back to a reinstated Trello board, and we'll see how that goes. I've requested they stop slowing down the opening and closing of cards in their iOS app. 0.3 seconds each for opening and closing animations multiplies quickly for some of us.

How to keep up with posting to other blogs.
Found in the Word I've started weekly posts. @WordHider resumed with commuting-time practice.
Knowing the Times, inspired by the bimonthly Destiny Newsletter, needs a periodic schedule.
Pray for Medicine is hard because there's always so much going on in the health care policy world that it can get overwhelming. At times this also parallels things happening in the tech policy world.


This is now one of my top-5 all-time most-viewed posts:
5 Things Teachers can do to encourage originality
(And it's not original to me. I just simplified the list from the book.)

I would prefer to do a 100-day stats check for a 100-day post, but Blogger doesn't have that option.

None of my top 5 most-viewed posts in July was written in July.

Top 5 most-viewed July posts:
• Only God has heart knowledge
• Not Afraid of Poverty
• A career of usefulness
• Evangelical Support for President Trump
• The Future of Value, Generalist Edition

15,400 days (2,200 weeks)

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