Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The Nationals' color is red; blue when visiting

The Nationals decided to go with their Navy Blue uniforms for the duration of the World Series. They felt it served them well during the post-season, and decided to continue that all the way through.

I think this made more sense as the visiting team than as the home team.

Traditionally, baseball teams wear a shaded gray version of their uniform when they're out of town and playing in someone else's ballpark. It's a subordinated color. There's something about what we wear that shapes are thinking about who we are.

What made the Navy Blue make such a statement was it was a way of overcoming that subordinated color. It was a way of vesting oneself in a message that they are not inferior, even if they are playing in someone else's ballpark.

In this way, wearing Navy Blue at home did not make sense. When a team is playing in its own ballpark, there's no need to overcome subordination, as it is the home team.

I get that baseball players can be stitious, and read luck into a lot of little things, but clearly that didn't hold last weekend. All their own marketing was still telling people to wear their red to game.

I have nothing against the Navy Blue uniforms now that they're back on the road to finish the fight, but I wouldn't do that for future home playoff games.

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