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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Unborn world

Have you ever entered a world of seemingly limitless opportunity? That's what it was like. It was so exciting. Things were developing so fast. There was so much freedom to explore, test limits. One could hear all kinds of different sounds.

For a while it seemed as if there wasn't even an awareness of all that was going on in the world and the new entrances to be made in preparation. Eventually hints appeared here and there that more opportunity and development was on the way.

Some people figured out that the calendar ahead was filling up, and there was much to anticipate. Every once in a while there were previews to show people what they could expect in the months ahead.

One day worrying signs began to appear. Eventually those signs became a bit more noticeable. It was easy to ignore them, though, because everything could keep going as they had before.

Then suddenly, life vanished. What had once been a bustling hub of activity was now a shell. The world emptied out completely. It was a mystery to some, remarkable to others. Something that seemed so destined with potential was now gone.

Worlds that become devoid of their previous life and activity have a way of shrinking in size to a previous state. Some people may never know what was once there. For those who lived that world and nurtured it, they will always know something that once was is now missing.

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