Sunday, March 1, 2020

Sunday Talk Shows: Coronavirus + Super Tuesday

Preview: Trump administration prepares response amid coronavirus outbreak; Joe Biden makes his case before Super Tuesday

Secretary Michael R. Pompeo With Margaret Brennan of CBS Face the Nation

Recap: Coronavirus politics shares spotlight with Super Tuesday, South Carolina primary

Clips on Twitter

Coronavirus — COVID-19

Stephen Moore: 'People should not be freaked out and panicked' over stock market amid coronavirus outbreak

Pence warns of more virus cases in US, but stresses risk 'remains low'

NBC's Chuck Todd presses Pence on 'irresponsible rhetoric' from Democrats on virus

Head of HHS says 'partisan sniping' during coronavirus crisis is 'unnecessary'

Azar on misidentification of coronavirus death as a woman: 'It's a very fast-moving situation'

Ex-FDA commissioner: There could be 'hundreds or low thousands' of coronavirus cases

Super Tuesday

Biden steps up attacks on Sanders as Super Tuesday approaches

Sanders holds double-digit lead in Texas, tied with Biden in NC: polls

Biden: Potential Super Tuesday loss 'surely doesn't help, but there's a lot of big states coming up after that'

Biden said he would contest nomination even if Sanders leads in delegates: 'You don't change the rules in middle of the game'

General Election Outlook

Biden dismisses Sanders's rally crowds: 'People aren't looking for a revolution'

Biden says Sanders would lose to Trump

Biden says Sanders would have 'great trouble' helping Democrats keep House, win Senate

Joe Biden

Biden says he raised $5 million day of South Carolina primary

Biden on claim he was arrested in South Africa: 'I guess I should have said I was detained'

Bernie Sanders

Sanders calls himself an 'existential threat to the corporate wing of the Democratic Party'

Sanders responds to attack from Israeli ambassador: Israel policy must 'deal with the suffering of the Palestinian people as well'

Pete Buttigieg

Buttigieg says staying in race is best for party, country

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