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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Sunday Talk Show Recap: coronavirus, primary elections

Preview: Trump administration gears up for new week of coronavirus response; Sanders prepares for next phase of primaries

Recap: Tuesday elections, coronavirus response dominate

Clips on Twitter


Carson declines to 'preview' plan for virus-plagued ship's docking: 'We shouldn't have 16 people saying what the plan is'

Fauci on shutting down coronavirus epicenters: 'Anything's possible'

Surgeon general: You're going to see more cases of coronavirus, 'doesn't mean we should panic'

Connecticut senator: 'We have no concept' of coronavirus scope

Former FDA Commissioner: States and cities may have to shut business 'for national interests' amid coronavirus outbreak

Administration officials seek to offer consistent message amid shifting coronavirus situation

Bernie Sanders

Sanders predicts victory in Michigan

Civil rights activist Jesse Jackson endorses Sanders

Sanders: 'I never expected in my life as an American to see a swastika at a major political rally'

Sanders says campaign is in communication with health officials about rallies amid coronavirus outbreak

Sanders criticizes Biden's voting record: 'People want somebody' who can make 'tough decisions in tough times'

Sanders: Klobuchar and Buttigieg ended campaigns under 'great deal of pressure' from 'establishment'

Sanders focuses on Biden's record, predicts Michigan victory as primary becomes two-man race

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