Sunday, April 5, 2020

Sunday Talk Show Recap: Medical, States, Military, Congress, Biden, International

Preview — As coronavirus spreads in the U.S., officials from each sector of public life weigh in

Recap — 'Our Pearl Harbor moment and our 9/11 moment'

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Fauci says it would be 'false statement' to say we have coronavirus under control

Public health officials warn of grim days ahead: 'This next week is going to look bad'

Surgeon general: 'This is going to be the hardest and the saddest week of most Americans' lives'

Bill Gates: Coronavirus numbers will likely plateau by month's end if we quarantine 'well enough'

Fauci says it's likely coronavirus will be seasonal


Louisiana governor says state will reach ventilator capacity this week

Illinois governor fires back after Trump says states were unprepared: 'He doesn't understand the word federal'

Arkansas governor: 'I'd like to see a better way' to procure medical equipment

Former FDA head: 'The Sun Belt is going to be in for a tough week'


Esper: Dismissal of aircraft carrier commander without investigation 'not uneard of'

Pentagon chief says military moving toward face coverings


Clyburn says stimulus spending oversight committee will be 'forward looking'

Joe Biden

Biden says Democratic convention may need to be virtual

Biden says dismissal of aircraft carrier captain is 'close to criminal'


Italian Prime Minister on fighting coronavirus: 'Our response has not been perfect'

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