Sunday, April 12, 2020

Sunday Talk Show Recap: Coronavirus, States, Cities, Business, Post-Coronavirus

Preview: Lawmakers, health officials address fallout from coronavirus pandemic

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FDA commissioner: US 'very close to the peak' of pandemic

FDA commissioner on coronavirus testing: 'We need to do more, no question about that'

FDA commissioner says he has not felt 'political pressure' over coronavirus decisions

Fauci: Gradual rollback of coronavirus restrictions 'could probably start in some ways' next month


New Jersey governor: 'We're fighting to stay ahead' on bed capacity, ventilators, PPE

New Jersey governor: Any reopening 'depends first and foremost on a complete health care recovery'

Maryland governor calls disproportionate coronavirus deaths among African Americans 'very disturbing'

New Mexico governor says state faces 'unique challenges' responding to COVID-19 in Native American communities

Arkansas governor says shelter-in-place 'always an option on the table'


Chicago mayor: 'Hyper-local focus' needed to address coronavirus racial disparities

DC mayor says local peak in coronavirus cases likely in June


Officials, experts see challenges ahead before reopening economy

Mark Cuban: 'When the scientists say it's safe for my employees to go back to work, that's when I'll feel confident'


Former FDA commissioner: WHO should issue report on 'what China did or didn't tell the world' after pandemic

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