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Friday, May 15, 2020

50% more days

Today my lifespan is 50% longer than was my biological father’s. He had just over 4 sevens on this earth. So far I’ve had about 6. 10,457 x 1.5 = 15,685

Today, I got a new piece of technology. He was into electronics, too. An HD Radio in the Washington area means one can listen to C-SPAN without a cable subscription. The used HD Radio I got as a backup and secondary option was worthless. This one is perfect.

The first thing I noticed is how tiny it is. The second is it picked up HD stations very well. I listened to the House debate about spending $3 trillion for a couple intervals today. C-SPAN still fills in some of the dead time during votes and such, but not nearly to the extent that C-SPAN Radio does. I’m looking forward to using it for C-SPAN 2 next week—my main reason for getting it.

I’ve had 2 main online projects over the years. I’ve spent more time on GovTop which is more established and useful to people so far. I was realizing today that I may be closer than I think to some significant monetizing potential and how I could implement that. It’s been there for a while, but there’s nothing like being very hands-on with it and up close to think about this more.

I want to work on my other project, too. I’ve had some writing things along the way I still want to finish. If one of the other of those projects can provide monetarily, great. If I do what I can with it, and that doesn’t happen, perhaps I can continue podcasting and do more with the ministry my biological dad’s uncle had.

Perhaps all of the above. Advance on new ground and maintain it. Automate what I can so maintenance takes less of my time. Of course, automation recently hasn’t made for less maintenance, but for more productivity with existing maintenance time.

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