Thursday, May 28, 2020

SCOTUS Updates

@news_ntd: "...question of whether a governor... can exercise effectively limitless, unilateral, temporally unbounded #authority."-Michigan Legislature Lawyer "This is the force of law, and we expect people to follow the law." -Gov. Whitmer Michigan gov. case may go to Supreme Court[…]

@azpolicy: Abuse, poverty, discrimination - all part of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' life. Check out his remarkable story Monday :[…]

@KevinDaleyDC: … Opati v. Sudan, ruling that terror victims can seek punitive damages for the 1998 embassy bombings. Justice Gorsuch has the opinion for a unanimous Court. Justice Kavanaugh is recused. #SCOTUS[…]

@ReutersLegal: Supreme Court heaps more damages on Sudan in embassy bombing cases[…]

@DRGOSAF: A New York City concealed carry permit is almost impossible to obtain. Why? NYC is the classic example of how may-issue laws encourage corruption. #SCOTUS, are you listening? #FoxNews — […]

@scotusreporter: Scotus declines Trump administration's request for stay in Ohio prison case that expedites release of hundreds of elderly and vulnerable prisoners because of coronavirus. But the legal fight may not be over — […]

@scotusreporter: So Cal church asks #scotus for emergency relief from coronavirus restrictions in time for Sunday's day of Pentecost. Say state treating churches worse than some businesses.\19a1044.html[…]

@SCOTUSblog: #SCOTUSlinkoftheday: Per @jamie_ehrlich, #SCOTUS could soon take up a new Second Amendment case, "positioning the court to override state laws established to limit the availability and accessibility of some firearms and when they can be carried in public"[…]

@SCOTUSblog: #SCOTUSlinkoftheday: Daniel Gonzales reports upcoming #SCOTUS decision will determine whether "[n]early 650,000 undocumented 'Dreamers'" can "continue to receive temporary protection from deportation and work permits" under the Obama-era #DACA program[…]

@richardjwolf: As churches reopen, Supreme Court faces balancing act between physical and spiritual health via @usatoday #SCOTUS #religiousliberty — […]

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