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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Sunday Talk Show Recap: Coronavirus, Foreign Policy, States, Economy, 2020 Election

Preview: America braces for next month of pandemic

Recap: Frustration mounts as protests hit state capitols

Secretary Michael R. Pompeo With Martha Raddatz of ABC’s This Week…

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Birx: Stay-at-home protesters not social distancing is 'devastatingly worrisome'

Gottlieb: Mitigation 'didn't work as well as we expected'

Public health expert: 'It's going to take about two to three weeks to see' whether early reopenings cause spike

Oxford professor: Possible coronavirus vaccine could show efficacy by June

Gilead CEO: Coronavirus drug will be deployed to 'most urgent' patients this week

Foreign Policy

Pompeo says gunfire exchange between North, South Korea thought to be 'accidental'


Governors, experts await results of reopening states as protests continue

Ohio governor says now-reversed face mask mandate was 'a bridge too far'

Mississippi governor: Waiting for two-week decline in cases 'just doesn't work in states like ours'

New Jersey governor: Too early to tell if state will reopen by Memorial Day

Whitmer says Michigan protests 'depicted some of the worst racism and awful parts of our history'

Florida governor: Coronavirus pandemic 'should not be used to bail out state obligations' that preceded outbreak


Kudlow says there 'may well be' additional coronavirus stimulus legislation

Southwest Airlines CEO says it is safe to travel again

2020 Election

RNC chairwoman on recent polls favoring Biden: 'I don't rely on polling this far out'

Amash says running as a third party candidate won't tip election to Trump

DNC chairman on committee's decline to form investigative panel: 'I trust Joe Biden'

Whitmer says she believes Biden on assault allegation

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