Monday, June 8, 2020

Higher Education Updates

@chronicle: Some colleges have proposed holding classes outdoors, to prevent coronavirus transmission. It’s “going back to the Greek ideal of academe, which was the olive grove where the philosophers would meet,” one president says.[…]

@eAsiaMediaHub: What are Chinese Communist Party (CCP) motives? This was one of the questions @MariaBartiromo asked @SecPompeo: “This is a CCP that has come to view itself as intent upon the destruction of Western ideas, Western democracies, Western values.”[…]

@BillGertz: US suspends student and research visas for Chinese nationals linked to CCP and PLA[…]

@chronicle: In response to recent protests, many college presidents have put out statements acknowledging racism in American society — but not within higher ed itself.[…]

“In the moment that #science had seemed poised to achieve its final goal—to develop the much anticipated ‘Theory of Everything’—scientists stumbled. There was one thing that they could not explain. That was the scientist himself.”[…]

@chronicle: Critical race studies should be required of every undergrad, one scholar argues.[…]

@chronicle: Students at Ohio State, the University of Virginia, and the University of Louisville joined those at the University of Minnesota in their demands [That More Colleges Break Ties With the Local Police].[…]

@Harvard_Law: In a series of messages to the HLS community today, Dean John F. Manning announced that the law school will continue remote teaching and learning for the fall 2020 semester[…]

#SenateHearing: Hearings to examine #COVID19, focusing on going back to college safely. #Coronavirus #HigherEducation[…]

@timeshighered: “One thing we have learned definitively is that students do not want to be locked in their parents’ basement for four years doing their degree online.”[…]

@statnews: BREAKING: Researcher involved in retracted Lancet study has faculty appointment terminated, as details in scandal emerge[…]

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