Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Presidential Updates

@AAPSonline: "Trump ‘has a point’ on WHO: German Health Minister Jens Spahn told the Financial Times that the U.S. 'does have a point — the WHO needs to reform its governance and accountability. We need to figure out exactly where the money goes.'" https://t.co/LYhcj2LPRf[…]

@AEI: The United States should not hesitate to impose a tremendous price for any crackdown in Hong Kong, writes @marcthiessen. https://t.co/UI6HTc29v0[…]

@postpolitics: The Energy 202: Trump administration pauses some oil and gas leasing amid coronavirus pandemic https://t.co/xVGWIpQ3Ew[…]

@joshuawongcf: [Sanction red capital, dual-used tech and white glove companies as the way to send a warning signal to China] 1/ @Reuters and @business Bloomberg just confirmed that the US is likely to sanction China if it approves the hugely controversial bill that damages HK's autonomy. — […]

@markknoller: Text of Pres Trump's Executive Order on Online Censorship posted at https://t.co/AwhTiEIh10[…]

@STcom: Britain pushing US to form 5G club of nations to cut out China's Huawei https://t.co/evA1THsT37[…]

@revmahoney: Trump announces unprecedented action against China! We will continue to work and pray and ensure America STANDS with HK! #HongKongProtests @Stand_with_HK @FreedomHKG @hkdc_us @hk_watch @Fight4HongKong @SolomonYue @BeWaterHKG @HongKongFP #HongKongNeedsHelp https://t.co/TbBwPoqjFb[…]

@WashTimes: Trump speaks with family of George Floyd, calls for peaceful protests https://t.co/QSDrcDyguF[…]

@charliespiering: Trump delivered over 1,000 words about George Floyd and the riots during his NASA speech on Saturday evening - that’s why WH frustrated by media accusing the president of being “silent” in reaction to the riots https://t.co/adjnrW6wAY[…]

@WhiteHouse: "The voices of law-abiding citizens must be heard and heard very loudly," President Trump said on Saturday. But “in America, justice is never achieved at the hands of an angry mob." https://t.co/L2PeKNUaXk[…]

@Carter_PE: “I am mobilizing all available federal resources — civilian and military — to stop the rioting and looting... As we speak, I am dispatching thousands and thousands of heavily armed soldiers” https://t.co/4i9qT0Vu50[…]

@markknoller: Today at the WH: Pres and Mrs Trump are scheduled to visit the Pope John Paul II National Shrine later this morning, located next to Catholic University. On his return to the WH this afternoon, he is to sign an Executive Order on advancing international religious freedom. — […]

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