Thursday, June 18, 2020

SCOTUS Updates

@FreeBeacon: The new push to reform police practices will face an early test at the Supreme Court in the coming weeks, as justices decide whether to revisit a rule that protects police officers from lawsuits involving constitutional violations. Via @KevinDaleyDC[…]

Supreme Court sides with LGBT employees (WORLD) — […]

@KevinDaleyDC: Tons doing on this morning's orders list from the Supreme Court. The Court has denied many high-profile appeals, including Trump's challenge to California's sanctuary law; challenges to qualified immunity; and lots of Second Amendment cases. #SCOTUS[…]

@ReutersLegal: U.S. Supreme Court endorses gay, transgender worker protections[…]

@KevinDaleyDC: BREAKING: The Supreme Court rules that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act covers gay and transgender workers. The decision is 6-3. JUSTICE GORSUCH delivers the opinion. #SCOTUS[…]

@DukeFirearmsLaw: Surprising many observers, the Supreme Court today denied all the pending cert petitions that raise Second Amendment questions.[…]

@guntruth: BLACK MONDAY: Gun rights supporters' worst fears confirmed -- Roberts is the new Kennedy. The Court has denied cert in all 10 pending Second Amendment cases. #guns #2A #SecondAmendment #SCOTUS #SupremeCourt[…]

@InternetAssn: On Friday, IA filed a brief calling for SCOTUS to weigh in on #Section230 by granting cert in Enigma v. Malwarebytes. This case is a crucial opportunity for the Court to affirm the value of #CDA230 — especially moderation efforts. Read the full brief here:[…]

@azpolicy: Today, the U.S. Supreme Court did what the U.S. Constitution reserves for Congress: It made legislation when it issued its decision in three Title VII cases.[…]

"the ability of individuals, businesses and organizations to cite religious beliefs when contesting government actions" #conscience #ReligiousFreedom #ReligiousLiberty[…]

@PacificJustice: "There is only one word for what the Court has done today: legislation." - Justice Samuel Alito in his dissent joined by Justice Clarence Thomas[…]

@family_policy: We are at critical cultural moment in the sex and gender debate. Read our analysis of today's Supreme Court decision on this issue -- and find out what you can do today to help win this significant battle. #SexIsReal #SaveGirlsSports[…]

@FreeBeacon: The Supreme Court on Monday denied a slew of gun-rights challenges focused on everything from state "assault weapons" bans to safety requirements and permit issues, sparking a blistering dissent from Justice Clarence Thomas. Via @StephenGutowski[…]

@FDRLST: The recent SCOTUS decision seems like an LGBT victory, but not so fast. By linking the rights of gay and transgender people to sex, the left has bound itself to whatever definition 'sex' takes on.[…]

@FreeBeacon: The Supreme Court has ruled in just one 2nd Amendment case since 2011. A recent refusal prompted Justice Clarence Thomas to accuse his fellow justices of "looking the other way" on gun rights. Via @StephenGutowski[…]

@FRCdc: The #SCOTUS ruling on Monday rewriting the Civil Rights Act has broad implications outside the workplace and leaves many questions to be settled. @CBNNews[…]

@AP_Courtside: Simple math suggests complex back story at Supreme Court (by @shermancourt)[…]

@ReutersLegal: Texas Democrats ask Supreme Court to expand mail-in voting[…]

@FDRLST: The fact that four justices who complained that the court needed to hear Second Amendment cases passed on 10 chances to do so tells us much about the court’s 'swing vote.'[…]

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