Thursday, June 25, 2020

SCOTUS Updates

DACA survives on technicality (WORLD) — […]

@KevinDaleyDC: The Supreme Court has blocked President Donald Trump's bid to rescind DACA. Chief Justice John Roberts delivers the 5-4 decision. #SCOTUS[…]

@ReutersLegal: U.S. Supreme Court rules against Trump bid to end 'Dreamers' immigrant program[…]

@AP_Courtside: The Supreme Court rejects Trump bid to end legal protections for young immigrants.[…]

@FDRLST: The Supreme Court effectively just told Americans that they must consider men women and women men in the workplace. This will not end well.[…]

@AP: The justices in a 5-4 decision rejected arguments that the 8-year-old Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program, which provides legal protections for 650,000 young immigrants, is illegal.[…]

@insidehighered: BREAKING: Supreme Court rules that Trump administration cannot immediately end DACA[…]

@Heritage: Contrary to what is being widely reported on social media and in the press, today's #SCOTUS ruling has not validated #DACA This quick thread lays out what you need to know[…]

@FreeBeacon: The Supreme Court found that the Trump administration did not give sufficient explanation for its move to rescind the DACA program, as required by law. Via @KevinDaleyDC[…]

@conserv_tribune: Thomas wrote that the ruling 'creates perverse incentives, particularly for outgoing administrations.' #2020election #ClarenceThomas #DeferredActionforChildhoodArrivalsDACA #JohnRoberts #JustIn #politics #SupremeCourt #USnews[…]

@DukeFirearmsLaw: New on the blog: @JacobCharlesNC discusses Thomas's recent dissent from cert denial in Rogers v. Grewal and what we might expect next in terms of #SCOTUS review of a #SecondAmendment case.[…]

@AllianceDefends: ADF Attorney John Bursch: “The U.S. Supreme Court ruling against my client, Harris Funeral Homes, is a concerning sign for all of us."[…]

@revmahoney: "All eyes on Roberts ahead of Supreme Court's abortion ruling."--The Hill. John Roberts will most likely be the swing vote in "June Medical." Please pray for him tonight. #EndAbortionViolence #ProLife @AbbyJohnson @SBAList @StudentsforLife @LiveAction[…]

@FreeBeacon: Lori Rodriguez is petitioning the Supreme Court to return the guns cops seized from her in 2013—and hers is the only Second Amendment case still before the Court after 10 others were rejected last week. Via @StephenGutowski[…]

@KevinDaleyDC: No new grants from the Supreme Court this morning. Justice Thomas files a solo dissent from denial in a case involving a Kansas law criminalizing threats to commit violence. #SCOTUS[…]

@scotusreporter: Only decision today is Liu v. SEC. Not one of the big ones.[…]

@KevinDaleyDC: Just one opinion today from the Supreme Court in Liu v. SEC. Justice Sotomayor has the decision for an 8-1 Court, which rules that the SEC can seek disgorgement (seizure of ill-gotten gains) for restitution provided it does not exceed net profits. #SCOTUS[…]

@DukeFirearmsLaw: New on the blog: faculty co-director Darrell Miller discusses how the Supreme Court's #Bostock opinion may shed light on the Court's eventual interpretation of the Second Amendment's right to bear arms.[…]

@SCOTUSblog: #SCOTUSlinkoftheday: Per @JEMoreau, legal experts predict last week's holding that federal law prohibiting employment discrimination "because of ... sex" covers LGBT people "will likely have broad ramifications that go far beyond employment protections"[…]

Supreme Court upholds some expedited deportations (WORLD) — […]

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