Sunday, June 14, 2020

Sunday Talk Show Recap: Police reform, Economy, Coronavirus, Memorial

Preview: Congress debates police reform legislation after George Floyd killing

Recap: Police reform dominates

Clips on Twitter

Law Enforcement Reform

Clyburn: 'I do fear the police'

Carson: 'This is probably a good time' to 'look at appropriate reforms' to policing

Lawmakers see some common ground on police reform proposals

Scott: 'I think we'll find' a 'path forward' on bipartisan police reform

Booker says GOP senator has told him qualified immunity is 'on the table' in Senate police reform bill

Bass: Fraternal Order of Police 'very supportive' of national standards

GOP senator says he supports national chokehold ban

Tim Scott: Rayshard Brooks case shows de-escalation training is 'so important'

Stacey Abrams calls defunding police movement a 'false choice idea'

Omar defends call to dismantle Minneapolis police: You can't reform a department 'rotten to the root'


Kudlow calls $600 unemployment checks a 'disincentive,' expects them to stop in July


Infectious diseases expert: 'We're in an unsure moment' on impact of protests, reopenings on coronavirus numbers

Gottlieb: 'I would certainly counsel against' attending political rallies during pandemic

Kudlow says people 'probably' should wear masks to Trump's Oklahoma rally


GOP senator says it's time to stop naming military bases after Confederate generals

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