Monday, July 13, 2020

Higher Education Updates

@USHouseNews: #HouseHearing: Examining the Impact of #COVID19 on the Future of Higher Education. #Coronavirus — […]

@ClayTravis: Every year 1,825 kids ages 18-24 die on college campuses from alcohol related issues. — […]

@Reuters: International students in the United States with a fully virtual courseload may soon be forced to leave the country, as universities like Harvard shift to online instruction for the upcoming academic year[…]

@Reuters: More than a million foreign students at U.S. universities scramble to figure out their plans following Trump's new order that would force them to leave the country if their schools hold all classes online[…]

@AP: Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology filed a federal lawsuit challenging the Trump administration's decision to bar international students from staying in the U.S. if they take classes entirely online this fall.[…]

@Reuters: The White House condemned a lawsuit filed by Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology seeking to block a new Trump administration rule that would bar foreign students from remaining in the U.S. if their universities move all courses online[…]

@StudentsforLife: One of the most disturbing reveals of their practice is that they engage in high-profile fetal tissue experiments. The dismemberment for experimentation is on live babies! This is not okay. — […]

@cccuorg: How is the coronavirus impacting college towns? @nytimes reports.[…]

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Emma Jasmine said...

Thanks for giving important information for students. There are lot of challenges in education that students are facing. US government have taken this decision ans many stydents are facing challenges for theit study. Now Covid-19 has impact on education system in all over the world. Online platforms for learning can keep their study continue without any hurdle. Students and teachers can communicate each others. We can help them to manage COVID-19 challenges in education.

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