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Thursday, July 2, 2020

SCOTUS Updates

@kevincorke: In a major victory for the #Trump administration, #SCOTUS ruled that immigrants whose requests for #asylum were rejected can't contest the denials in federal court. Supreme Court Eases Path to Deport Asylum Seekers - WSJ[…]

@ReutersLegal: U.S. Supreme Court bolsters Trump's power over rapid deportation[…]

@KevinDaleyDC: Just one opinion today from the Supreme Court: the Court sides with the Trump administration in its bid to speed deportations for migrants denied asylum. Justice Alito delivers the opinion, the bottom line judgement is 7-2. #SCOTUS[…]

@ReutersLegal: Supreme Court declines to change Ohio ballot initiatives policy[…]

@ReutersLegal: Trump administration asks Supreme Court to axe Obamacare[…]

@SCOTUSblog: It was a week of twos at SCOTUS. Two opinions, two days announced for opinions next week, and two birthdays—Justices Sotomayor and Thomas. Here is @stevenmazie's profile on the longest serving member of the current court featured in our round up this am.[…]

@FreeBeacon: The Trump administration in a new legal brief urged the Supreme Court to strike down the Affordable Care Act in its entirety. Via @KevinDaleyDC[…]

@FreeBeacon: The Trump administration argued in a new brief sent to the Supreme Court that the Affordable Care Act must fall because Congress lifted the financial penalty for failing to purchase insurance in the 2017 tax reform bill. Via @KevinDaleyDC[…]

@Arianedevogue: Justice Alito has shown signs of real frustration this term. What will tomorrow bring? — […]

Supreme Court overturns Louisiana pro-life law (WORLD) — […]

@DisrnNews: Breaking: Supreme Court strikes down Louisiana abortion restrictions; Roberts joins liberals[…]

@christianhlines: 'Shocked and Disappointed': Supreme Court Overturns Louisiana Pro-Life Law, 5-4[…]

@Scotus: #Scotus Supreme Court rules Louisiana abortion law is unconstitutional[…]

@lylden: Under the unusual conditions the SCt faces as it tries to wind up its term, could it complete rulings in all 10 remaining cases tomorrow? Don't count on it. 9 of those 10 cases were heard in the special shutdown-induced May hearing session. Most are quite difficult. (cont'd) — […]

@lylden: Added thought: those who wondered whether this majority-conservative Court might use the La. abortion case to strike down Roe v. Wade have to deal with the reality that the Chief Justice showed reluctance to disturb the precedent that led to today's ruling. — […]

@AllianceDefends: BREAKING: Today, the Supreme Court struck down a Louisiana law that protected women’s health and safety. Read more:[…]

A day for lament at the Supreme Court (WORLD) — […]

Twisting Supreme Court precedent (WORLD) — […]

@ReutersLegal: U.S. Supreme Court upholds curb on overseas AIDS funding[…]

@RepRalphNorman: It's stunning to read dissenting opinions from today's #SCOTUS abortion ruling, which obliterate the questionable logic Chief Justice Roberts. If Roberts believed the precedent was "wrongly decided" (his words) then applying that precedent here is just snowballing that error. — […]

@family_policy: Women deserve to be treated better than they were treated today. The Supreme Court struck down what should have been a non-controversial law meant to protect women. Get our take here:[…]

@lylden: The ruling today salvaging abortion rights once again, in the face of a significant challenge, took 133 pages. It would take you less time to read my analysis, found here:[…]

@dcexaminer: "Justice Roberts, a so-called 'conservative,' is clearly no longer running things." Welcome to the Kagan Court.[…]

Christian school students win religious liberty case (WORLD) — […]

@ReutersLegal: As the SCOTUS term nears its end, Roberts has been in the majority in 50 out of 51 cases that have been decided including all 10 cases in which the court was split 5-4.[…]

Remaining cases:

@BECKETlaw: "This is a great decision for religious freedom. Blaine Amendments, and their limits on free exercise, have been used to chill government partnerships with religious groups broadly, and schools specifically..." -- Diana Verm, senior counsel at Becket[…]

@IJ: “It’s been a century-and-a-half since the bigoted Blaine movement took root in state constitutions throughout the country,” said IJ sr atty Richard Komer. “Today’s decision shows that it is never too late to correct an injustice."[…]

@TheJusticeDept: Attorney General William P. Barr's Statement on the Supreme Court's Ruling in Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue[…]

Analysis from @SenMikeLee of three errors in the June Medical Services opinion from the @USSupremeCourt:
• Standing
• Abortion exceptionalism
• Stare decisis — […]

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