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Friday, August 21, 2020

Nature and Resources Updates

@WTOP: Watchstanders had received an alert from a personal locator beacon. A helicopter crew found four people on the hull of an overturned, 24-foot fishing boat.[…]

@markknoller: In Iowa, @IAGovernor Kim Reynolds tells Pres Trump that the derecho that hit Iowa last week was "basically a 40-mile wide tornado," that "took out" entire counties and half the state's crops. Pres pledged "we'll help you recover from the storm."[…]

@markknoller: Pres tells Iowa officials he's offering the "full support of the Federal Government" to help the state recover from the derecho. He said Iowans are resilient, strong and tough. Says the Federal disaster declaration authorizing @fema assistance was "approved in record time."[…]

@AlexInAir: Breaking: Saudi Arabia to allow UAE-Israel flights (such as Dubai-Tel Aviv) to overfly Saudi airspace With Saudi airspace access, flights between Dubai/Abu Dhabi – Tel Aviv could begin as soon as this year, in what is considered an unprecedented development for the region[…]

@technology: An air leak in the International Space Station has forced its three-member crew to relocate to the Russian side while NASA runs tests to determine the source[…]

@evanderburg: Space station update: Mystery growing air leak forces 'nauts into Russian module as search for hole begins[…]

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