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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Presidential Updates

“No. No, I don’t want them. I want to leave it to law enforcement.” President Trump said he doesn’t want #TrumpSupporters to engage or confront #BlackLivesMatter protesters, saying that #LawEnforcement should deal with them.[…]

“The left’s war on police, faith, history, and American values is tearing our country apart, which is what they want.” President Donald Trump wants to restore patriotic education in #Schools to remedy the division which has led to #Violence and #Riots.[…]

The #BlackLivesMatter movement is discriminatory and bad for black people, as well as everybody else, President Donald Trump said, describing the group as as a #Marxist organization.[…]

An #Iowa judge ordered a local county auditor to invalidate 50,000 requests for #AbsenteeBallots, agreeing with the #TrumpCampaign that a local #Elections commissioner broke the law by pre-filling the applications with #Voters’ personal info.[…]

“He was a good man and he was just killed senselessly for no reason other than he believed something different than they do.” #AaronDanielson was mourned by both friends and President Trump as a victim of mob #Violence on Aug. 31.[…]

President Trump reversed #JoeBiden’s polling lead during the 3 days immediately following the #RNC, according to an #EpochTimes National Poll conducted by Big Data Poll.[…]

“We will almost certainly take back the House, and send Nancy packing!” President Trump seized on a video that shows @SpeakerPelosi visiting a #Salon this week despite local restrictions that keep the businesses closed amid the #Pandemic.[…]

#Police in #Colorado are searching for a woman who allegedly assaulted a 12-year-old while he was carrying a yard sign that supports President Trump. Officials said the woman used a closed fist to hit the child.[…]

President Trump oversaw the signing of a landmark, US-brokered deal between #Serbia and #Kosovo, with the 2 nations agreeing to normalize #Economic relations after decades of conflict.[…]

“Since my inauguration, I have proudly governed as the most pro-life president in our nation’s history.” President Trump promised he'd work to “fully defund” the #Abortion industry, including #PlannedParenthood, of taxpayer dollars if re-elected.[…]

“We have $300 billion in an account that we didn’t use—$300 billion. And we are willing to use that.” President Trump suggested that his administration may use $300 billion to pay a new round of individual #Stimulus payment.[…]

President Trump will award the Medal of Honor on Sept. 11 to Sergeant Major #ThomasPayne who took part in a hostage rescue in #Iraq. Trump will also award #NotreDame football coach #LouHoltz the Presidential Medal of Freedom.[…]

President Trump warned the Department of #Education is investigating the use of the @NYTimes’ “#1619Project” in #Schools, saying that institutions that use the alternative narrative of US #History could lose federal funding.[…]

“Anyone who knows President Trump has seen his love and reverence for our military and veterans.” Nearly 700 US #Veterans signed a letter in support of President Trump[…]

“At the end of the year, on the assumption that I win, I’m going to terminate the payroll tax,” Trump said. House Democrats have launched a bid to block President Trump’s #PayrollTax deferral, which lets workers put off paying some of their #Taxes.[…]

“Honestly, do you think General Kelly would have stood by and let ANYONE call fallen Marines losers?” A former aide to #JohnKelly says he was not one of the people who allegedly spoke to #TheAtlantic and claimed President Trump denigrated the #Military.[…]

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