Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Uncharted territory for Democrats

I wrote about this a couple weeks ago, but the story is now getting even better.

Republicans are not giving in to demands from Democrats to spend ourselves into oblivion with another round of trillions, plural, in spending.

This is uncharted territory for Democrats. They're used to getting their way, and they have no idea who to blame anymore now that they're not.

Usually Democrats can fall back on the media to carry the water for them and blame Republicans in some form. In 2020, that story reached the end of a long thin expiration line a couple months ago.

The media now have to turn elsewhere for explanation. Blaming Republicans didn't accomplish anything, so now they're asking the other party about their role.

Democrats are so unfamiliar with taking serious questions about their level of reasonableness that Speaker Pelosi has gone so far as to call CNN “apologists” for Republicans. Not Fox News. CNN.

Apparently even acknowledging or asking questions from a different point of view makes one an apologist.

It's gets better because even MSNBC agrees with CNN.

Note to Democrats: It's called compromise. Sometimes it's not a good idea. Sometimes it is, especially when it's not fake compromise.

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