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Friday, October 16, 2020


I didn't mean to double-post yesterday, and I want to go see if I can see if T-Mobile deems me eligible for TNX. Phone customer service told me this is new in the stores as of October 7.

If I encounter drama, maybe I'll live-blog the experience.

Update: The store staff did not deem me eligible. I only have tablets on my Sprint account and TNX is only for phone plans.

At this point, I don't anticipate being a T-Mobile customer (directly). It's clear they don't plan to budge on their plans which are higher than Sprint's. I have 2 tablets, each with unlimited data for $15/month, no other lines required. (The second device was originally only to replace the first, but then it got an even better plan for the hotspot offer.)

The big question now is, How long does T-Mobile plan to keep the Sprint network running? A few months ago, I was under the impression they were trying to rush everyone off it and shut it down by the end of the year.

As of now, if T-Mobile has no plans to move tablet plans over to the T-Mobile network, then maybe they'll just stay on the Sprint network for the duration of T-Mobile's 3-year promise not to raise prices.

T-Mobile may actually keep the Sprint network up for the duration of the 7-year timeline for the resellers to be able to build a new wireless network under DISH Wireless. I've already moved my phone plan to a (future) DISH Wireless reseller.

A month ago or so, due to Sprint being unreliable for IPv4 on my Windows tablet, I resumed subscribing to Comcast Xfinity service. My old router could only get 5 mbps. A new ASUS router outright refused to talk to my Motorola modem.

This week the N300 router I had was proving unreliable every day (and the modem lights were still showing Xfinity was fine), so I swapped it out for a router that can handle more current speeds. I've also hardwired in the laptops so that I'm not entirely dependent on WiFi.

My needs for speed and reliability persist until Thanksgiving, so I plan to revisit all the internet subscriptions I have and what best meets my needs in the new year. In theory I could end up having unlimited talk, text and data available on a variety of devices for only $25/month, plus taxes.

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