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Friday, October 30, 2020

Hillary had it backwards

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Remember when in her shock after the 2016 election Hillary Clinton attributed her loss of the woman vote to women following the leads of their husbands?

Yeah, that didn't go over well at all with the women who didn't vote for her. I remember one conservative woman coworker of mine who felt highly insulted that Hillary thought conservative women had no intelligence or initiative of her own and only did what their husbands told them to do. As if husbands were doing the telling.

It turns out the exact opposite happened in some cases. Take, for instance, Joel Rosenberg. He voted for President Donald Trump at the urging of his wife.

A few years later, he followed that up with a visit to the Oval Office in which he told President Trump to his face that he had been a Never Trumper. And yes, that sucked all the proverbial oxygen out of the room.

You can read his story for yourself on his blog, but suffice to say, he had confidence issues in Candidate Trump. He liked the promises. He wasn't sure if, as President, Trump would or could deliver on those promises.

President Trump now has a record that more than vindicates his 2016 campaign, and Rosenberg, I, and millions of others are grateful. Rosenberg had the privilege of telling him directly. His list of promises kept has grown.

Another writer and freedom advocate also backs President Trump for reelection. Laurence Jarvik cites President Trump's outreach to other races, his character, his policies, and his handling of the pandemic as reasons for voting for President Trump for reelection.

“Incredibly, President Trump has kept so many of his promises that his campaign posted a searchable database just to keep track.”

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