Wednesday, November 4, 2020

What money didn't buy

Remember when Hillary outraised Trump on funds and still lost? This year had a similar result in Congressional races. Democrats raised $125 million more than Republicans, and the results were barely any different than 6 years ago.

Some are more blunt saying Democrats might as well have lit $73 million on fire in Kentucky. Both Arizona and Kentucky have strong libertarian streaks, but Kentucky has a stronger bent toward rooting its political philosophies in the Scriptures, and that foundation held firm. Free speech is more powerful than money.

One wonders if continued defeat in the battle of ideas would drive Democrats to turn to idea suppression instead. If outspending and speaking louder doesn't guarantee results, would they attempt to cut off the ability of the other side to speak? Yes, and they already have been for a while.

2016 may have quieted the tendencies of some to complain about “dark money,” but Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island is not likely to be among them. He frequently raises the topic on the Senate floor, and raised it again as recently as during the Barrett confirmation hearings last month.

Democrats claim to want to “get money out of politics.” While there's some hypocrisy both in being the larger spender and in not taking their own advice, there's a much deeper problem with the idea itself. Laws that control campaign money also control speech.

Therefore, no matter how much control of government they retain in the final results of this election, it is incumbent upon freedom-loving citizens to remain vigilant and watchful against threats to our First Amendment liberties that come in the name of “sunshine” or “transparency.”

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