Monday, November 16, 2020

Where are we?

It's easy to say the coronavirus changed everything, but what if it hasn't?

What about all the things it hasn't changed?

What if that very visible change we've seen this year was part of a process of seeing differently so many things that have actually stayed the same?

We're all still people.

We all have desires.

We all have needs.

We all have eternal needs.

We all need Jesus.

How do we see where we are now?

What are ways to position ourselves for the future?

How can we use the changes from the coronavirus situation to show people their infinitely larger needs and how to meet them?

About a year ago I read that only one third of evangelical Christians believe in sharing their faith, and even fewer actually do.

People, there are consequences to not being reconciled to God.

Don't just extrapolate out where you think whatever market interests you is going to go. Extrapolate out the eternal destiny of people, and beg them to change their minds about their future and their present.

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