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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Giving Thanks Tuesday

Piggybacking on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the non-profit world got into the holiday spending momentum a while back with with Giving Tuesday.

A few weeks ago I was motivated to direct some of my giving to an organization that I thought was making a difference in a timely way. They send a lot of email, and continue to do so.

The second time I gave more than the first time. I also wasn't sure they even got the first gift.

What bothers me about this is that there was no “thank you.” No personal note. Not even an automated reply or acknowledgement. Nothing. There wasn't any acknowledgement whatsoever that my gift made it to them.

The emails still kept coming as often. One thing changed: the high-end amount of what they would ask for the next gift a few days later went up to match my greater gift.

Eventually, my credit card statements showed both gifts indeed went through.

Note to non-profits: If the only confirmation people get that you got their gift is their bill statement later, you may want to revisit how you value your donors.

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