Thursday, December 17, 2020

Three types of Christmas seasons

First, there's the reason for the season, culminating in the Gospel on Easter.

Second, there's the commercialism that stands opposite the nativity reason.

Third, there's the month of December that builds up to higher and higher expectations.

As Pastor Steve King used to say, the difference between reality and expectation (if negative) is called disappointment. It really makes for a lot of pressure that's not fun. There's no win over it all either.

In contrast, the new year is a season of anticipation. It's unknown what the new year holds, but it's a season for planning, new intentions, and clearing the decks for a fresh new adventure.

While I know many are looking forward to 2021 in order to put 2020 behind them, that's not my reason. I just have some good things that have taken time away from better things, and I'm ready to have some chronological space for fewer better things.

Today, I had some added work on my plate, and then a bug fix on something else that took several hours this evening. Add to that winter weather possibly contributing to power outages and internet being unreliable in the new location, and I don't feel like I made a lot of progress today.

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