Thursday, December 3, 2020

Holiday special sales aren't really ending this year

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be passed now, but it doesn't seem to take much to get retailers to extend their offers.

I was shopping with a friend tonight, and remembered an accessory I needed to go with some newer technology purchased earlier this year.

Then I got looking at computers for my arm.

My current watch has had a good long run. It's solar-powered and radio controlled, a hard combination to find these days. It's old enough to pre-date the date change for DST times back in 2007. The wrist strap on it has taken to falling off with a little too much pressure that would still qualify as normal use.

I'm not really interested in a fitness tracker, but I asked the sales associate about smartwatches, and since I'm already invested in one system for mobile devices, it really makes sense to keep with that as Apple's is the best on the market.

Without much asking or pressure, the sales associate volunteered to lower the price for me, and it basically turned out to be their Black Friday offer. When he asked his supervisor for the override, there didn't seem to be any resistance to the idea at all.

While I'd like to think of it as half and half, it's really more like one third of the price being like a watch replacement, and the rest of it being the computer and ecosystem tie-in. I'm confident it will be worth it, and it works well as a celebration for getting some new work today.

It will be interesting to see, Lord willing, which apps I already have that can work on the Apple Watch SE.

There were a lot of TVs waiting for pick-up in curb-side delivery. When I asked about this, it sounds like this may be a record year for TV and projector purchases. With everyone stuck at home, they're all turning rooms in their homes into home theaters.

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