Monday, December 7, 2020

Google's dull knife

Two thoughts:

1. Cutting with a dull knife can be more dangerous than cutting with a sharp knife.

2. The right tools can be a joy to use.

Right now, Blogger from Google is a very dull knife. It's no longer a joy to use.

Writing can be fun, and it used to even be fun on Blogger, and it most definitely is not anymore. They seem done updating the interface, and I'm near done using it.

I have two reasons to continue using this interface, both of which expire in a matter of weeks or months.

I don't see continuing to publish either GovTop Report or Pray for Congress updates after this Congress. That means, once they finally go home for Christmas, those may be my last posts. While the Congress officially finishes at the beginning of January, I don't see much point in continuing that into the new year.

I do enjoy having the clean weekly summary. I'm considering several options to replace the location for the content currently going to the blog(s) on Blogger. • I could bring it in-house to where the rest of the content is. • I could post it on a new Web site geared toward daily content. • I could start posting it on Substack and charge for posts that take more work like the daily merged summaries I did this summer.

As for this blog, my writing commitment is through March. It may well culminate in a celebration of never using this Blogger interface ever again. That is, if I don't move it elsewhere sooner.

If anyone in the Blogger department at Google is mystified as to why this new interface is not beloved, then you're clearly not reading all your Feedback coming in from the Blogger interface.

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