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Thursday, January 7, 2021

China's fake numbers are cracking

For months, China has reported exceedingly low numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths. For being the world's most populous nation, this is simply not credible. However, due to China's heavy media and political investments in the United States, questions about these numbers have been largely absent.

That changed today.

China is going back under lockdown.

After reporting 100 new cases, they put 11 million people under lockdown. If that ratio sounds a bit off, there's a reason for that.

Those who have lived under the Chinese Communist Party know that bad numbers from that country are notoriously underreported. One of them explained, “If they say, ‘a little’, then you translate as ‘a lot.’”

If China is reporting 100 cases, how many thousand have actually been infected?

I spoke with someone in America today who defended Communist regimes killing those infected with the disease as an effective way to keep their numbers down. I suppose just killing people outright can make a bad number look less bad, but it makes another bad number worse.

Communist regimes have a history of that kind of evil. America does not. But what both have are evil sinful men who need a Savior.

I think freedom is to be defended and tyranny (praising evil, punishing good) is to be defied. That's to be done under any form of government, in any form of government, and in forming a government. There are clear roles for government to have.

In looking back at similar posts on this topic, one person simply commented, “‘My kingdom is not of this world.’” That's true and completely relevant to this situation. However, if they're implying the eternal kingdom has no relevance to any kingdoms or governments on earth, I completely disagree. Government has always had the same two purposes, and one of those purposes remains in the eternal kingdom. The other purpose remains elsewhere.

The point of history, the point of man on earth, and the point of government is not to assume power. The ultimate point of government is ultimately not to deal with man's sin, but to make him aware of it. Ultimately man's sin is beyond the scope of government's ability to resolve.

The only thing that can effectively deal with man's sin is faith in the blood of Jesus Christ. “We must be covered, shielded from divine justice by the blood of the Lamb of God.”

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