Sunday, March 28, 2021

Hold the light

I remember hearing of a man at sea who was very seasick. In my opinion, if there is a time when a man feels that he can’t do any work for the Lord, it is then. 

While this man was sick, he heard that someone had fallen overboard. He wondered if he could do anything to help save the man. He laid hold of a light and held it up to the porthole. The drowning man was saved. 

When this man got over his seasickness, he went on deck and talked with the man who was rescued. 

The saved man gave this testimony. He said he had already gone down a second time, and was going down for the last time when he put out his hand. Just then, someone held a light at the porthole. The light fell on his hand, and a sailor grabbed it and pulled him into the lifeboat. 

It seemed like a small thing to do, but it saved the man’s life. 

If you can’t do great things, you can hold the light for some poor, perishing drunkard, who may be won to Christ and delivered from destruction. Let’s take the torch of salvation into dark homes and hold up Christ to the people as the Savior of the world.
Source: The Overcoming Life by Dwight Lyman Moody

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