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Monday, April 26, 2021

Defenses are nothing without turning to God

When a people turn away from the Lord, eventually the Lord may appoint a time for destruction (22:5).

The appropriate response is not to celebrate and party.

In Isaiah 22, however, that's exactly what happens. The people have stored up weapons, put their trust in them (v. 8), and don't even use them (v. 3). They built other defenses as well (v. 9-11).

“But in all this you neglected the One who could really save you; You failed to consider the One who actually made this place and established it so long ago” (Isaiah 22:11).

Instead of partying and celebration, the Lord intended the “day would be a time of weeping and regret, A time of shaved heads and donning sackcloth and a time for mourning” (22:12).

In response, God has a conversation with the head of the administrative state. He tells Shebna He is going to throw out the strong man (v. 17) and put His man in place instead (v. 20-21). Whatever he says goes (v. 23).

There is a time to change our minds about sin and put your trust in the Savior

Whether or not people do also shapes how God deals with the nation in which those people live. If we do, he restores us. If not, he replaces us. There comes a time when it's too late. That's why Paul begs people to believe in Jesus now!

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