Sunday, April 18, 2021

Finding rest

I was in Wales once, and a lady told me this little story. 

An English friend of hers, a mother, had a daughter that was sick. At first, they thought there was no danger. 

Then one day the doctor came in and said the symptoms were very serious. He took the mother out of the room and told her that the child would not live. It came like a thunderbolt. 

After the doctor left, the mother went into the room where her daughter lay and talked to the child and tried to divert her mind. “Darling, do you know you will soon hear the music of heaven? You will hear a sweeter song than you have ever heard on earth. You will hear them sing the song of Moses and the Lamb. You are very fond of music. Won’t it be sweet, darling?” 

The little, tired, sick child turned her head away and said, “Oh Mamma, I’m so tired and so sick that I think it would make me worse to hear all that music.” 

“Well,” the mother said, “you will soon see Jesus. You will see the seraphim and cherubim and the streets all paved with gold.” She went on picturing heaven as it’s described in Revelation

The little child again turned her head away and said, “Oh Mamma, I’m so tired that I think it would make me worse to see all those beautiful things.” 

At last, the mother took the child up in her arms and pressed her to her loving heart. 

The little one whispered, “Oh Mamma, that’s what I want. If Jesus will only take me in His arms and let me rest.” 

Aren’t you tired and weary of sin? Aren’t you weary of the turmoil of life? You can find rest in the arms of the Son of God.
Source: The Overcoming Life by Dwight Lyman Moody

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